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New Year, New Roof: Finding the Best Color for Your Salt Lake City Roof This Year

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It’s a new year, and for many homeowners in Salt Lake City that also means a new roof! Naturally, local homeowners want their roofs to be functional—keeping their families dry and warm for as many worry-free years as possible. Roof color might be a secondary concern, but it shouldn’t be. According to a 2013 survey of realtors, over 90 percent said shingle color was important. Once you pick a roof color, you are generally stuck with it until you replace the roof or move to a new home.

Roof color shouldn’t make you sweat, but the decision shouldn’t be made without due diligence. Here are some considerations that should factor into the choice of your next roof’s color, including some of the most popular local roof colors around!

popular roof colors, trending roof colors

What Color Was The Roof Before?

If you were satisfied with the color of your previous roof and it complemented the rest of your home’s exterior, then you likely won’t need to deviate from that color too much. This might be especially true if you are not the first owners of the house but are replacing the original roof, the builder likely picked a roof color that didn’t detract from the overall aesthetic of the home. Because some colors are retired over time you may not find the exact color, but you should be able to choose one in the same general ballpark that you can be confident will be a good choice for your home.

Your Current House’s Exterior

Of course, you might want a new look for your roof and your home. After all, if you are going to the trouble of replacing your roof, you should pick a color that appeals to you and is an upgrade to your house’s existing appearance. The exterior of your home, including siding, masonry, windows, doors, and architecture, will help dictate which roof color best complements and highlights the house beneath it. Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t pick the same color roof as the rest of your house’s exterior: You don’t want your home to be too monotone, use contrast to highlight individual elements of your home!
  • You can’t go wrong with neutral colors: Tan, brown, gray, and black are safe choices that rarely clash with your home’s exterior and often perfectly complement it.
  • Be bold only if your exterior is calm: If the exterior color of your home is a strong, vibrant color, being as bold on the roof might make the house look too busy.

If you are planning to sell, be reserved: Potential homebuyers might be turned off if the first thing they see when they pull up for an open house is a loud roof. Stay conservative if you are replacing your roof in preparation for selling the house.

popular roof colors, trending roof colors, best roof colors

Local Popular Roof Colors

Light Brown

As homeowners are falling in love with a more natural look, these lighter, warmer colors are increasing in popularity. Light brown asphalt shingles are the perfect companion for the wood and wood-look exteriors that more and more people are opting for, lately. Plus, lighter roofs have the added benefit of being more energy efficient because they reflect more UV rays!


Diving into the 2020s, designs are becoming bolder and shingles in shades of blue such as denim, navy, and sky blue are growing in popularity. Gone are the days of boring and safe grey shingles. Blue metal shingles can offer everything from bold contrast to whimsical comfort depending on the color of the shingle and the way it is paired with the siding and fascia. The desire for these azure shades is only expected to grow throughout 2024 and beyond.


Yet another incoming shingle color that is expected to see an increased demand in 2024, green hues like forest, hunter, and moss offer a unique look that is both rich and inviting. Green shingles perfectly complement warm, natural exteriors while still setting your home apart from the crowd.

As you are trying to pick a roof color, don’t forget to turn to a contractor like MAD Roofing for advice. An expert opinion from a roofer who likely has installed every shade of roof over the years often can steer you toward the color that makes the most sense for your home.

As soon as you notice large problems with your roof, or if you’ve let a large number of small problems fall to the wayside, it may be time to consider roof replacement. Severe water leakage should be one of your primary warning signs and should not be taken lightly as it can damage ceilings and walls if not fixed accordingly. Roofs can be exposed to the most severe weather conditions, and water leakage may happen if a broken part of the roof has not been repaired right away. If you’ve noticed your roof is leaking or seen visible cracks and have yet to take action, you will likely need to hire professionals to replace your roof and solve these problems. They will be able to identify the exact problem with your roof and take steps to replace your roof before the problem gets even worse and becomes even more expensive.

Unless you have extensive experience with replacing roofs, you will need to hire professionals to get the job done. Professionals have the necessary tools and skills to fix your roof so it will look and function just like new again. You definitely don’t want to try fixing your roof if you don’t have experience doing this work, because you will likely just make the problem worse than it already is.

You will benefit tremendously from taking advantage of the services that roof replacement contractors have to offer. If there is anything wrong with your roof at all, it is essential that you get it fixed immediately to avoid further problems. Professionals will replace your roof so you can rest confidently as many problems are resolved and this new roof maintains an excellent condition for as long as possible. Those who pay for a roof replacement also are spared the hassle of years of repair costs for multiple problems that might have gone unnoticed.


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