Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing is the most common choice for residential roofs throughout the world. This is primarily due to its affordability, long lifespan, and range of styles available. A professional must install your shingle roof appropriately if you need a new roof. MAD Roofing has years of experience in the roofing industry, providing reliable shingle roofing services in Salt Lake City.

How Are Shingle Roof Tiles Made?

Shingle roof tiles are asphalt-based materials mixed with mineral fillers and coated with ceramic granules for extra durability and weather resistance. The mixture is then spread over a substrate or backing material to create the basic tile shape. 

Then the mixture is heated at high temperatures to make it malleable to be pressed into its desired form. Once cooled, the shingle will have its finished shape, which can then be overlaid onto other shingles for added strength and aesthetics. This process makes it a preferred choice for homeowners because of its long lifespan and ease of installation.

Benefits Of Asphalt Shingle Roofing

It’s no secret that the weather conditions in Utah aren’t always ideal. Investing in roofing material that can withstand the destructive nature of Utah weather, especially during winter, is important. If you’re looking for asphalt shingle roofing in Salt Lake City, our contractors can ensure your roof can hold up under extreme elements. Below are some more reasons why this type of roofing should get considered.


No matter which material you select, a new roof is a considerable investment. However, asphalt shingles are reasonably priced, and you have the same performance as other, more expensive materials. Secondly, the installation process isn’t too difficult for contractors, which can cut labor costs. Most roofs with asphalt shingles can get installed in as little as one day.


There are many different sizes and styles of asphalt shingles, which lets you find the perfect fit for your home’s style. These shingles can be used in many applications and installed on roofs with different slopes. You can also manipulate colors to help match your home’s style. The look can help enhance curb appeal and become a unique selling point should you decide to sell your home.


You can expect asphalt shingles to last between 20 and 30 years, especially if installed correctly by our professional contractors. However, it’s crucial to maintain your roof at least once a year to ensure it stays in top condition. Knowing this can give our customers peace of mind knowing they won’t be spending money on a replacement any time soon.

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MAD Roofing is the go-to roofer team for shingle roofing in Salt Lake City. Our experienced technicians offer quality service and products that are sure to last. We also pride ourselves on timely responses and helpful solutions. We also offer competitive rates that fit any budget. Whether it’s a repair, installation, or replacement, we’ll be glad to be your preferred roofing company.